Qualifacts Customers Receive Over $9 Million in Meaningful Use Incentives

Mumoneytilt-93It’s hard to believe that not even a year ago, we were congratulating our customers on receiving a total of $5 million in funds from the EHR Incentive Programs of Meaningful Use. Now – at the second anniversary of Qualifacts’ dedicated Meaningful Use program – that number is over $9 million!
Here are the exact numbers from our customers:
  • $9,265,000 in incentive funds have been collected by our users to date.
  • Total number of unique EPs paid to date are 437, or 66% of those users who could be eligible to participate. This far surpasses the national statistics of only 51% of potential eligible EPs that have participated to date.
  • EPs across 21 states and 81 agencies have collected.
  • Of the total incentive dollars collected, $61,000 were from Eligible Professionals participating in the Medicare EHR Incentive program. The remaining $9,204,000 were for EPs in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.
  • Of the total Medicaid dollars collected ($9,204,000), $42,500 were payment for Medicaid Stage 1, year 2 (meeting the measures).
  • The top five states with the most EPs paid to date are Tennesse (64), New Jersey (51), Connecticut (45), Indiana (43), and Ohio(43)
  • The top two agencies with the greatest number of EPs paid to date are Volunteer Behavioral Health in Tennessee (31) and Oaklawn in Indiana (24).
 A big congratulations goes out to you all!

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