Dispatches from the field: BHSA South Carolina Consortium project kickoff day 2

Location: Columbia, SC

Kickoff Day 2:

The second and final day of our first on-site visit with the South Carolina EHR collaborative was another very productive session. After discussing the general outline of the project and taking care of a lot of the administrative functions yesterday, today we were able to introduce the team to the tools that we are going to be using during the project:

  • the client and staff uploads
  • the system admin checklist
  • the menu management/privileging checklist
  • the service document checklist
  • the secure file transfer site
  • the Qualifacts Connect site for CareLogic users

Next, we were able to outline the data collection process that they need to complete. The goal is for them to have the part 1 data collected in three weeks. We will be back on-site the week of February 19-22 at which time the plan is to have this data loaded into their system.

The afternoon was spent discussing the service documentation plan for the system, both what they need to accomplish and how they will accomplish this. They have already gathered a lot of their documentation and now need to begin the process of weeding out unnecessary and repetitive information.

The two-day session added a great deal of value to this project, and all parties left feeling optimistic regarding the potential for this collaboration while understanding that the amount of work that needs to be done is significant.

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