Health IT for You

A new, short, animated video for consumers explains how widespread adoption of electronic health records and other health information technology is giving our health care system a 21st century upgrade: improving the way we communicate with our doctors, making sure health information is available when and where’s it’s needed, and helping us manage our health and wellness outside the doctor’s office. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of health IT and other consumer e-health tools and the value of having secure, electronic access to your health information.

We love how this video simplistically shows the technological changes in the healthcare landscape and how EHR’s are helping people adopt to this change.  Consider showing this in your agency lobby or sharing with your staff!

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2 responses to “Health IT for You”

  1. Texas garage door says :

    Thanks for the blog post which informed us about the presence of an animated video which underlines the importance of electronic health records. Really these communication tools play a significant role in helping patients manage their health and well being after recovery.

    • qualifacts says :

      So glad this could be helpful for you! We love a good animated video that helps make complex topics easier to understand!

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